Advocacy and fighting against Online Gender Based Violence is one of the key issues that affects a number of women in the country but one group of women that is left behind and rarely spoken for are the women in politics therefore Women at Web Tanzania has collaborated with Omuka Hub and conducted a study that is to be launched soon on the “State of OGBV on Women in Leaders in Politics”, so as to address and increase the number of Women in Politics online.

Women At Web Tanzania and Women in Politics conducted a focus group discussion that was held in Dodoma for the sole purpose of planning the approach in campaigning against Online Gender Based Violence. Women At Web Tanzania and Omuka Hub looks forward to bringing awareness through evidence of collected information and data so as to create a solid foundation for decision makers in executing cases related to Online Gender-Based Violence on Women.

Why OGBV Report to Women in Politics

The report solely aims at having a well-defined database with stats on #OGBV of Women in Politics, so as to influence policy reform and address the #GenderDigitalDivide by enhancing online participation of Women Leaders in Politics. The approach of the OGBV Survey Study has sorely focused on data collection from Women in Politics through Questionnaires, Focus Group Discussions with a group of 10 parliamentarians and one on one with Women in Politics.

We acknowledge that OGBV is subjected to several groups but we have purposefully focused on Women in Politics as an area which is un-catered for; with great potential to influence more Women Participation Online once they increase in number.

The Objectives and Approach used

  1. To conduct a study on the state of Online Gender based Violence to Women leaders in politics and have segregated data in regards to Online Gender Based Violence to Women in Politics, specifically Women Parliaments
  2. To establish ways of stakeholder’s collective action using key findings from a study on Violence against Women Parliamentarians
  3. To establish Strategic engagements with key stakeholders with the overall goal of increasing Women Parliamentarians active participation online.
  4. Provide respective authorities with key finders of Violence against Women Parliamentarians online. Such as the Tanzanian Police, through Gender Desk and the Cyber Crime department.


The report will be based on the following approach;

  1. Influencing policy change in relation to Gender Digital Divide/ Digital Inclusion
  2. Step to Step development of tools and applications from an external Expert consultancy with a dedicated consultant from DW Akademie under supervision of Women at Web Tanzania powered by Tech & Media Convergency
  3. Focus Group Discussions with a group of Women Parliamentarians (hosted by Maendeleo Podcast)
  4. Application of Digital Practices (Technical Tools), in collaboration with Pollicy Organization (Uganda), on the best tools.
  5. Customized Survey across stakeholders incorporated with the proposed Gender capacity analytical framework


A Call to Action

The launch of this Project Report will be 10th November 2021 in Dodoma. One of the outcomes of the study is raising awareness and elevating an existing silent challenge of Online Gender Based Violence subjected to Women in Politics, particularly Women Parliamentarians. By doing so, this will create an important conversation on to existing initiatives done by the stakeholders on the agenda from the ecosystem.

This initiative will be a four-year program working closely with 15 Members of Parliament. We call upon stakeholders, Media, Respective Authorities, Legal Practitioners, Decision Makers, the respective parliamentary caucus, Civil Society Communities, Activists, all Interested parties and advocates against #OGBV to come on board and join hands at advocating against abuse and harassment of Women based on their gender.

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