Tech & Media Convergency through its Women at Web Project is happy to have seen a successful completion of the four-month mentorship program for 20 young men and women. The Women at Web Tanzania project is part of the regional East African project that is being facilitated in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda funded by DW Akademie. The goal of initiating the program every year is to promote online safe spaces through active netizens by enhancing their Digital Skills-set to capacitate at being advocates for good Digital Citizenship to promote Digital Inclusion.  

The event was graced by the chief guest Mr. Mike Mushi the executive director of Jamii Media, an organization that deals with Media & Technology for Development. The Chief Guest emphasized how imperative it is for youth to be equipped with #Digital skills and make an impact on empowering online safe spaces for women. He shared and cited a report in most cases when the women use the internet they use it for social good statistically there are more men than women on the internet but record has it that the few women on the internet use more productively than the men thus he emphasized on the need in having more women having access on the internet and giving them capacity, skills and opportunities 

Mr. Mike Mushi, Executive Director of Jamii Media

The Panel Discussion

Moderator of the session was Glory Nassary followed by the lead coordinators of the group Masha Bendera, Humphrey Mrope, Allen Kaiza Agness Mwasanga and Judith Mwanri participated to share their experience and feedback of the outreach program to schools based on the following thematic areas, a session moderated by Gloria Nassary.  

  • Gender Equity
  • Digital Inclusion 
  • Digital Safety 
  • 16 Days of Activism 
  • Online Violence against Men

Highlights of the panel discussion

  •  More Capacity building programs need to reach out to people living with disabilities since many are left behind
  • Schools should have a center where cases such as gender-based violence or online violence can be reported
  • Schools need to engage and collaborate with initiatives that promote children’s right  
  • Digital skills session should be part of school’s curriculum
  •  Creating platforms where men feel comfortable and safe to address challenges they face online
  • Both genders should have the opportunity to be part of programs that empower safe spaces and advocate about OGBV
  • By involving men, it will help to hold accountable perpetrators be it women or men rather than raising fingers on one gender when an Online Violence occurs
  • Men being vocal about online gender-based violence will influence prominent people makers to make constructive policies
  • Men being aware and confident to fight against Online Gender Based Violence it will break the male stigma within our communities.
  • An example was given of a Tanzanian Musician named Maua Sama, applauding the efforts that men are making in having open discussion online gender-based violence and the effects it has on our mental health  

Other highlights based on the questions asked as listed below: What are the safety measures for digital citizens aged under 18?

  • A teenager should have a parent’s guide when surfing online, it is very easy to use social media platforms however it is not easy to know that your safe online,
  • Parents need to empower their children to be active users while embracing digital opportunities rather than painting the digital space as an unsafe place.
  • Education that centers on digital security should be taught early on before giving them access to engage online.
  • A share CASE STUDY: An older man was in a relationship with a young girl, the relationship did not work out, when they broke it off, the young girl ended up getting into another relationship that led to marriage, but she was later threatened by the older man that her nude pictures will be leaked. Such cases lead to
  •  Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low- self esteem
  • Suicide

Certification and Awards of the SOS Diplomats

SOS Diplomats were awarded with certificates of successful completion of a four months mentorship program. The  groups that performed the best were awarded too. They awards were in the following categories

  •  An award for Outstanding teamwork performance
  • An award to the Best Champion for 16 Days of Activism
  •  Honorary award of excellence in Inclusion of People with Disabilities (PWD)
Moments in pictures -SOS Diplomats Ceremony December 2022

Ms. Asha D. Abinallah the CEO of Tech & Media Convergency appreciated the chief guest Mr. Mike Mushi efforts and attendance, In addition “There have been massive changes in the 2022 mentorship program compared to the one in 2021, from including men to be part of the mentorship program to reaching out to 700 school students, we tend to improve and collaborate further with the school visited in the future.

Efforts in creating awareness online is an ongoing movement, for a community to be digitally resilient there is a need to keep capacitating digital citizens with the right digital skillset as they explore  digital opportunities and benefits.

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