The mainstream media is the media that targets as many people as possible for the purpose of providing them with information or entertainment. Examples are radio, newspapers and television. These media go through various challenges in presenting work and providing social media. Those challenges are Pomona and;

The use of old-fashioned methods of conveying messages to the community such as newspaper production thus spending a lot of time in preparing the message eventually delayed delivering the message to the community on time and leading to a reduction in the number of listeners or viewers of these common media.

Lack of professionalism and ethics in writing, lack of education in the mainstream media and in the media is a major challenge that has led to such media outreach without following ethical ethics and resulting in the closure of the relevant media and ultimately the loss of viewers or listeners. Also sometimes that caused by the lack of professional journalist in that media that may teach others about ethics in writing different content.

The use of language and imagery in vocabulary and pronunciation, however, is a major challenge for mainstream media caused by writing content that does not match the image embedded in the news, especially in journalism, and the use of difficult vocabulary to be understood by listeners or viewers. In Radio and Television for example our Nation is full of “greed” money.

However, the presence of such challenges in the mainstream media is really a great opportunity for a digital literate journalist who spends a lot of money on instant messaging in the community by using different digital platform such as Twitter, Medium, Instagram, clubhouse, Facebook to spread information faster to the community however use Google drive and google alert in searching, organizing and distributing information easily.

But also a digital journalist has used the opportunity to learn the ethics and profession of journalism which leads to writing and performing his work correctly by following all the procedures and principles of journalism using digital skills through social media such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

A journalist with digital skills has used this knowledge to write news through social media and to post relevant images thus leading to an increase in the quality of the journalist as well as increasing the credibility of his or her media and better use of vocabulary and grammar in general.

Thus a digital journalist who has a great opportunities to earn a living and deliver a message in the community due to the various  challenges posed by the mainstream media in order to convey a true and reliable message in the community. But also education should be provided in the mainstream media to get digital-skilled journalists to be able to increase media coverage in the community and such education should be provided in organizing various journalistic conferences by recruiting people who specialize in journalism to train for lack of education journalists.




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