A certified Digital Skills trainer is accredited by DW Akademie after completion of their mandatory intensive trainings aimed at improving capacity building skills.

The Train the Trainer was conducted in Entebbe (Uganda) from April 23 to April 29 led and facilitated by the expert Guy Degen and coordinated by the DW Akademie team (Christine Harjes, Susanne Fuchs-Mwakideu and Asumpta Lattus who represented in Uganda). The trainees developed extra teaching capacity and tech-how of the best methods and practices to observe when conducting s training.

The ToT training was mandatory for the Women At Web participants to further train with DW Akademie in respective countries. It involved methodologies and approaches need applied to Digital Skills and Digital Literacy during implementation. All the 21 engaged experts by DW Akademie in 2017 from the first meeting in Machako, Kenya and the second in Arusha, Tanzania were liable for the DW Akademie Train the Trainer although not all were able to commit to the training as a result of a variety of individual reasons. The team that participated in the ToT comprised of eleven participants from the East African region ( 4 Tanzanians, 3 Kenyans, 1 Rwandese and 3 Ugandans).

A wind up day for on the last day of the TOT workshop in Uganda, April 29, 2018

Train the Trainer Workshop II was done in Kigali, Rwanda from July 01 to 05, 2019. The recipient of the training where those who had participated in the Train the Trainer workshop I. The goal of this second workshop meeting was to provide further training in content and methodology to the Women at Web Trainers with a focus on the below questions.

Road map towards curriculum development

There was intense input sessions on Violence against Women online and Psychosocial safety led by a Ms. Prudence Nyamishana and Dina Kituyi respectively. One of the striking discussions from the conversation was a need of adding the component of online gender based violence (specifically sexual harassment and cyberbullying towards women) in the existing curriculum among some of the other components. The Curriculum has had more added topics to it to fit the needs of women trained during the Women at Web project implementation in the region.

Tech & Media Convergency is a co-implementer in Tanzania for the DW Akademie’s Women at Web Project. For further information about the Women At Web Tanzania project you can visit our social media pages through this link — https://linktr.ee/WomenAtWebTZ

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