The Women at Web curriculum was born out of the Training of Trainers workshop (1) as a continuous activity organised by DW Akademie towards reaching the overall goal of enhancing women in East Africa to better participate online. The TOT involved a variety of participants with different expertise as in, media professionals, human rights activists, politicians activists, professional writers, bloggers, and social media influencers.

The participants were from countries of Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, who all contributed to the content development and final curriculum. Team Tanzania was responsible for coordination and completion of the curriculum in the final format of version one (2018) of the final curriculum. We currently have the second version of the training curriculum that was updated in 2020 coordinated and completed by our funders, DW Akademie.

The components of the Women at Web Curriculum

The curriculum was crucial to the Women at Web Project initiative for capacity building to the targeted personas during implementation in the region. It was developed to ensure that it was an effective resource to share to the women on the web during training sessions. The whole team played key part to the planning, discussion, development and visualisation of what and how the curriculum would look like in relations to the significant digital skills required by the project trainees in respective countries.

During the training process, a selection of more interesting topics where discussed and slowly scrutinised for relevancy to the targeted women online to be trained. Several groups were formulate to discuss topics and subtopics which would later be added to the curriculum that was to be formulated customised for the DW Akademie, woman at web trainee.

Key components towards the development of the DW Akademie’s Women at Web Curriculum

The objectives of the Women at Web Curriculum development

  1. For the experts to Identify and reach consensus on the draft core thematic areas to be included within the Women At Web training curriculum from informed experiences and decisions customised according to needs.
  2. Deconstruct and segment each agreed core thematic area into logical training modules for the Women At Web target group(s) as identified by the project.
  3. Develop prototype workshop lesson plans for training modules that can be used and adapted by country teams by using the DW Akademie Training Workshop Planning Matrix format
  4. Develop draft digital training content/materials as well as learning methods to train target group(s) in the knowledge and skills they require for each training module.
  5. Develop a prototype check list for designing and planning Women At Web training workshops in respective counties.

The most important outcome of the curriculum development was that each and every one had participated in its development, presented with the curriculum each trainer easily took it from where they had last left at the ToT training. It was each for each trainer to use.

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