We are proud to announce the third mentorship program. From the lessons learned from on the first two groups, Women at Web Tanzania has enhanced and improved the third group focusing on young men and women for the purpose of promoting Digital Inclusion.

Women at Web Tanzania powered by Tech & Media Convergency funded by DW Akademie, is hosting a 3-months from August to October, to a total of 20 youths that are both female and male.  The Safe Online Space Diplomats (SOS Diplomats) mentorship program is an ongoing initiative that started with the Jeshi la Dada as the 1st group. It has created number of young women who are ambassadors of enhancing women participation online.

The intensive program that intends to build capacity, nurture and turn into safe online space diplomats (SOS Diplomats) that will act as ambassadors during and right after the program. can navigate the internet more competently and securely while accessing available opportunities.

Safe Online Space Diplomats attending the Digital Skills Training – 2021


Goal and Approach for the Mentorship Program

The goal of the program is to promote online safe spaces through an enhanced Digital Skills-set to capacitate at being advocates for good Digital Citizenship to promote Digital Inclusion. The program outline will encompass rebranding, career growth and development of all the participants at personal level and it has been programmed in a way that enhances your knowledge, skills and personal brand.

The program is through a call for applications where by from the application a total of 20 Safe Online Diplomats will be selected. Throughout the mentorship program the 20 Safe Online Diplomats will be reaching out to universities and sharing the knowledge about digital skills and online gender-based violence.

Safe Online Space Mentorship Program – 2021

The mentorship program intends to focus on the following;

Focus Group Discussions, where trainees will have the opportunity to learn about the Women at Web Project as well as share their expectations for the mentorship program and why it was important for them to apply in the first place to be part of Safe Online Diplomats.

Digital Skills Trainings, the trainings will equip Safe Online Diplomats (SOS Diplomats) with the knowledge about Digital Skills, basic laws and regulations affecting the cyberspace.  the knowledge of dealing and overcoming online gender-based violence and also share their journey through story telling.

Create a strong network of people that can protect one another online as well share knowledge about the digital space and be part of fostering conversation on gender digital divide and breaking the bias that exist.

Developing Digital Tools as individuals, with so many digital opportunities available, youth have the privilege to embrace their potentials online to the fullest, getting trained about digital skills is the first step, then comes using what you have in the present that is the smartphones.

Hosting a celebration of successful completing a three-months mentorship program and awards to best performers, every effort made by Safe Online Diplomats throughout the training will not go unnoticed, getting the knowledge is one thing but utilizing the knowledge into actionable results and excelling at it will make the difference and worth being awarded for.

The Safe Online Diplomats Mentorship program, hopes to continue equipping and promoting digital inclusion for girls, women and youth while creating, building, refining an understanding an aim of promoting digital inclusion while creating, building, refining an understanding of the right digital skill set and promoting Safe Online so that they are able to access online opportunities.

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