How often do we see daily conversations that centers on online gender-based violence among youth? One cannot advocate against Online Gender Based Violence and leave this group behind. Women At Web Tanzania throughout the years, has worked with Women professionals in Media and a group of young women one being Jeshi La Dada and the other one being Safe Online Space Diplomats, who have stood as ambassadors of safe spaces to fellow women.

These movements seek to promote awareness of safe spaces, enhance online opportunities and seek ways of bridging the gender digital divide. Women at Web Tanzania through the Boresha Habari Project funded by USAID believes by conducting digital skills training to Women Professionals in Media it can increase the overall digital literacy among women and empower them to remain in online spaces and access available online opportunities.

Peer support for Women Professionals in Media

Women Professionals in Media can create a forum that will specifically be for sharing digital literacy, networking and promoting their digital skillsets. Through the forum one may be aware of the digital security tips to take into consideration as a female digital citizen.

For Journalists who are in the Print Media, they can use their writing skills to write articles that speaks of Online Gender Based violence to fellow Women Professionals in Media, what lies ahead for the future of Journalism, Challenges of Embracing Digital Skills for journalists: Tanzanian Context, what are the key Digital Skills for a Journalist in an Innovative Media

Women Professionals in Media can also use radio or podcast as a way of conveying a message to audience about the importance of embracing digital skills, a journalist may choose to have guest stars in each episode, the guest stars may include digital experts, victims of Online Gender Based Violence, fellow journalists be it men or women, politicians especially women, founders of NGO’s that promotes women empowerments and other development partners.

Social media platforms play the role of ensuring the message is reached to a wider audience, immediately and at once. Using an online campaign that advocates against Gender Based violence to Female Journalist as a strategy it helps in showing the need to actually take measurable actions in preventing such cases from arising and for authorities to punish perpetrators.

Social Media platforms such as Twitter Spaces and Club House can also be a place of conversation with people from different ethnicity backgrounds, these conversations that speak about embracing digital skills, Online Gender Based Violence, bridging the gender digital divide helps in understanding each one’s perspective on the matter, the barriers that exists and what ways may work for a particular group based on their respective cultures.

Women Professionals in Media already have a platform therefore it is time that they use their voices to speak out, fight for their rights and take advantage of available opportunities that exists in the space. Digital Skills Mentorship programs are there to equip young women with the knowledge of dealing and overcoming online gender-based violence and also share leave room for women to share their journey through storytelling.

As stakeholders we all have a role to play in fighting against Online Gender Based Violence and creating a community where young girls can freely navigate in the digital spaces and showcase their potentials. We call upon development partners to come on board in addressing online harassment, abuse and violence to Women Professionals in Media.



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