Self employed and Social Media Influencer

Clara Fundi


She loves being around people, a giver and hard worker. When she falls today, she’ll stand up again and be better tomorrow. Meet #SOSDiplomats Clara Fundi. Clara who is a social media influencer and entrepreneur tells Women at Web Tanzania powered by Tech & Media Convergency that her super power online is her ability engage with her followers individually. As an entrepreneur Clara knows that customer service comes first more than anything else and that is what she has prioritized in her online business.

Value added in the Digital Space

“When I first joined on different digital platforms, I looked forward to meet people I know and have fun but along the way came the Learning aspect, I found educative accounts that I followed and they have groomed me in being digitally literate also I have used the internet as a place to be vocal about pressing issues and protect one’s digital rights.”

Digital Personal and Career Benefits

Clara says her digital skills have developed over time, especially when it comes to the business she’s running online. “My communication skills have increased and I know how to brand my products online in a way that is intriguing for a customer to be interested to buy.”

Challenges and Measures in the Digital Space

As a woman who runs an online business for men undies, I have been prone to Online Gender Based Violence, I have had men come into my DM’s wanting me to deliver the products they have bought and when I do, they end up demanding I dress them or touch them.”

Clara says it is still challenging in her line of work but she has learned to ask them to meet in an open area or rather go with someone”

The SOS Diplomats Mentorship Program

“The reason behind the joining the mentorship program is that I want to learn more about digital skills and increase my knowledge as well as widen my platform, I believe in doing so I will be able to not only share the knowledge about digital skills but also to impact and make the world a better place” Clara adds.