Esther Alfred Liukal


A lady who easily adopts in new environments and uses her potentials to the fullest for the purpose of learning and impacting the lives of others with the knowledge given to her, meet Esther Liukal who is a student, social media influencer and entrepreneur. Endurance, strength and resilience are her greatest qualities.

As one of the Safe Online Space Diplomat, she shares with Women at Web Tanzania powered by Tech & Media Convergency, how the Digital Space has impacted her life.

Her benefits with Social Media

Through Social Media, Esther has been able to find Donations and fundraising networks, be informed of different social and economic issues, she has gained knowledge and experience which led to improve her public speaking skills as well as selling products or services online which gave her a new perspective on the Digital Economy.

How the Digital Space has Impacted

The digital space has groomed Esther to be resilient to critics on the internet, to grab opportunities such as volunteering and to be capacitated through online courses which helped increase her knowledge.

“I have seen violence against women and children taking place in the digital space 4. Online abuse Measure am taken, so as to overcome these challenges; 1. High safe space Online security 2. Education and awareness about safe space online. 3. Combat against sexual harassment and abuse in online

Esther says, “My aim in applying for the SOS Diplomats Program has been acquiring digital skills and accessing opportunities while getting experience from competent facilitators and experts in the technology sector.

She adds by saying, “I look forward to not only being an effective digital skilled SOS Diplomat ambassador but also have my own organization that provides digital skills for women and fight against Online Gender Based Violence

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