Online Business Mentor, Entrepreneur

Felister Kiria


A business guru and an inspiring online mentor. Her smart skillsets in business have empowered people to prosper in e-commerce, meet Felister Raymond Kiria, who is passionate about advocacy, spreading awareness of Safe Online Spaces and the importance of living a healthy life by having a balanced diet.

Felister is not only an entrepreneur but a person who does capacity building online sessions about e-commerce.

How Social Media adds Value

Felister who is an online business mentor uses her social platforms to educate people on how to use social media safely while grabbing opportunities online. She tells us through reading, listening and watching people who are influential in the digital economy has helped her in developing new business ideas and increase knowledge.

Acquiring Digital Literacy has helped Felister’s career development. She says, “When dealing with aggressive customers and people online it is not necessary to answer back, if the comment is offensive, then I just let it be or choose to give a positive answer.”

Challenges encountered and Measures in the Digital Space

As an entrepreneur in the digital space cybercrime can be inevitable, Felister shares, “I once encountered a customer online who bought a peanut product of mine and never paid back, despite the efforts done I still couldn’t get in contact with him again.”

She adds, “Such acts exist and there is a need for a firm legal framework that can solve these cases without prolonging the process for one to get justice be it a small business owner or big.”

SOS Diplomats Mentorship Program

Felister’s aim to participate in the mentorship program is to be an effective ambassador of Safe Online Space as well as knowing how one can reduce or eradicate cyber bullying.

She hopes through the program she can continue to spread awareness about Safe Online Spaces to youth and strongly keep the spirit of SOS Diplomats sisterhood.


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