Civil Engineer, Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Honesta Kasilo Lihega


Meet Honesta Kasilo, whose super power online is personal branding when it comes to the content she shares, accounts she follows and how she stays active online by engaging in developmental issues. Honesta who is a social media influencer and a civil engineer has over 700K reach and impression per month on Twitter.

Valued added in the Digital Space

Honesta says being in the Space has improved her writing skills such as when sharing engineering or building construction related content, she makes sure it is intriguing for anyone that may read it.

“I have been able to advocate for gender equality to women and girls in accessing good and quality education especially in STEM subjects and as an influencer, I usually use internet to post and engage with posts related to the campaign I am advocating.” She adds

Career and Personal Development in the Digital Space.

“Before posting any content online regarding any construction topic, I usually do research and read different literature and articles, this has helped me expand my knowledge career wise, I have been able to connect with different potential people and clients for constructions works and consultation.” Through her work as a social media influencer Honesta has been able to earn income and make a living by posting and sharing contents for different digital campaigns.

Challenges and Measures in the Digital Space

Honesta says that she hates bullies and it is something she has seen happening frequently online especially to women and they do appear mostly in her timeline so as Social Media influencer she has taken the initiative to be vocal about Online Gender Based Violence or any other pressing issue online.

Honesta says “Based in my experience, I have seen that there isn’t enough content for learning, many people post contents just to be part of the trending agenda, whether it is good or bad making the growth of individuals in the digital space slow”

The SOS Mentorship Program

“The 2020 year’s campaign movement called Jeshi la Dada, inspired me to be part of the mentorship program this year and I knew it will be a good chance to meet with other vibrant ladies so as to widen my connection both online and offline, I now believe I am able to help create awareness to others to use the cyberspaces for greater benefits.” Adds Honesta

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