Lawyer and Social Media Influencer

Jacqueline Octavian


A resilient woman, ccontributor and observer Jacqueline Octavian is a digital enthusiast, an aspiring lawyer, entrepreneur and social media influencer, as a woman in the digital space Jacqueline adds value to her online presence by taking time to learn about how to brand one ‘self-based on the type of content one choses to share.

“I love advocacy in anything that brings or promotes development and so when I share my engagement activities with the community around me, it helps in building my brand as well”

As a young woman perusing her master’s degree, she says being in the digital space has helped her when it comes to her career and personal development, “Through the digital space I have been able to study the cyber-Crime law as one of my elective subjects, it has also helped me to understand digital skills, digital citizenship, digital literacy and how to engage online safely.

Challenges and Measures taken in the Digital Space

“One of the challenges is receiving Direct Messages from men who end up insulting me after refusing to give out my phone number what I did is chose to focus in my digital growth and be a positive person, because I know that not everybody you see online is mentally okay and people have different ways in dealing with their mental state.”

Why the SOS Diplomats Mentor-ship program

Jacqueline desire’s is to learn and gain new skills from the program, but also to form network with other SOS Diplomats which will benefit from each other but to also support one another on a mentally, emotionally and psychological level.

She says, “My plans are to share the things I learn from the program to other young girls in schools and university so that they can take lead in making sure their fellow girls don’t undergo cyberbullying, I will also educate them about safe online spaces through a mentorship program that I intend to have.