Entrepreneur, Social Influencer & Founder at Mtoto Hub Initiative

Lilian Lema


She lights the room when she walks in. She is a listener, a believer of knowing better and doing better. Speaks with integrity and leaves a mark in people’s hearts. Her name Lillian Lema.

SOS Diplomat Lilian is an entrepreneur, social media Influencer and founder at Mtoto Hub Initiative a nonprofit organization that helps orphans and vulnerable children raise their talent. Her superpower online is the ability to interact online. She is an interactive person to her digital community with over 60,000 reach and impression on her Instagram.

Value Added in the Digital Space

Lilian says by creating relatable contents on lifestyle, business and relationships helps her resonate with her audience on a deeper level.

“As an entrepreneur and social media influencer being an active engagerhas helped me to connect with my customers and audiences which led to increase my sales and attract more clients to work with as social media influencer.

Challenges encountered and Measures in the Digital Space

“Though I have been a victim of Cyber bullying and seen cases of women who are harassed online, I have chosen to stand on my ground and remember why I got into the internet in the first place by keep growing in my career and being an advocate for Safe Spaces to fellow women.”

Lillian says she has grown career wise when it comes to creating a better and convincing content for her clients as a social media influencer. She has invested her time in gaining more knowledge from those who are doing the best in the market.

The SOS Diplomats Mentorship Program

“As a digital citizen, I have always wanted to learn about Safe Space and to know how I can change my audiences into my customers with the acquired digital skills.”

When asked about her expectations from attending the mentorship program she said, “To be an ambassador of safe online space, to create a good environment for both women and men on the digital space, to share the knowledge I gained out from this program to my audiences.”