Tech & Media Convergency Personnel and Author

Linda Amos


A leader in the making, sharp and intelligent. She writes with a purpose, walks with confidence, and speaks with wisdom. This is SOS Diplomats Linda Amos, whose writing skillsets has educated, touched hearts, informed, and inspired young lives. Linda is a Project Officer of Women at Web Tanzania, Author, and Co-Founder of Kamureen book club.

Value added in the Digital Space

As a digital citizen, Linda says, “I have been able to run online campaigns that advocates about Inadequacy of digital learning platforms to youth and children under UNICEF this has helped my followers and other engagers to be informed, increase their knowledge on the matter and be aware of pressing issues such as these that an immediate action.

Linda also tells us that she has used her digital platform to share insights on self help books that she reads in a way that it will inspire youth to be better, embrace their potentials and invest in their passion or talents.

Benefits encountered in the Digital Space

“I and fellow youth have a book club we are running on Instagram, through the book club we have been able to connect with people from different countries, create a network of readers who together share their insights on different aspects such as Spiritual aspects, finance, leadership and inspire young people to read early on so that they can grow with a sharp mind and confidence.” Says Linda

Challenges and Measures encountered Online

Linda tells us as a woman in the Digital Space she has seen women being harassed online whether it is insults thrown at them or intimate pictures shared without their consent, “What I do is be part of online campaigns that advocate against Online Gender Based Violence, and as a project officer we have been conducting online talks like on twitter space for the need of conversing and sharing thoughts about Safe Spaces and how we can achieve that.”

The SOS Mentorship Program

“I am still Digitally growing from attending the Mentorship program, but I am grateful that I have been informed and educated about Digital Security, something that I took lightly in the beginning, it is my faith that I will not only be an ambassador of promoting Safe spaces for girls and women both offline and online but also be able to make an impact using my platforms and attending physically to events or conferences that champion for a Safe Digital space for a woman.” Utters Linda.