Community development

Marynsia Mangu


A traveller, one who holds dear her African history. a gentle soul that believes in working smart. She stretches her hand to help others whenever she can. This is #SOSDiplomats Marynsia Mangu. With over 50, 000 thousand reach and impressions per month on her Instagram account. Her superpower online is her ability to understand quickly what is being said online whether it is a post shared or a content written.  Marynsia is also a community development

Value added and Benefits in the Digital Space

Marynsia has used the digital space as a place to be educated and educate others on topics that are critical, when it comes to how she has benefited online, Mary says, “I have always been keen on what I choose to post online because I wanted to brand myself with the content that I share and lucky enough I have been able to do that as well as being connected with potential people and building strong relationships for the growth of my career.”

Challenges and Measures in the Digital Space

“I have faced offensive comments from people who follow me and others who do not either from a caption or picture I shared, though I am a good respondent but I have learnt to always ignore all the negatives comments and focus on the impact I want to make while being in the digital space.

Why SOS Mentorship Program

Marynsia says though she has been in the digital space for more than five years but learning is a journey, one never knows everything and if an opportunity is provided why not take the chance. “I am a digital enthusiast therefore applying for a Mentorship program that wanted to equip young girls on digital skills and how to be safe online was something I was interested in because I wanted to increase my knowledge on digital platforms and widen my network.”

She adds, “I look forward to sharing the knowledge I have on digital skills and digital rights for the purpose of educating others, it is highly important that people know the laws that govern them when they are in the digital space.”