Social Media Influencer and Aspiring Presenter

Salome Mshana


A true definition of “Courage” and has impressively broken barriers of the Girl Child, a daring young woman who knows how to grasp online opportunities this is SOS Diplomats Salome Brown Mshana.

With over one million impressions per month on her twitter account, Salome Brown Mshana remains a vocal figure who uses her time to interact with her followers on different pressing issues in her community. As an SOS Diplomat and Social Media Influencer she has used the Digital space to learn from other influential figures like what type of content to post that are intriguing and can open a discussion, she also uses the digital space to entertain, earn income, socialize and stay informed.

Benefits and Challenges in the Digital Space

“I have been able to network, get new friends that we share common interest and I have been able to grow in my position by being consistent and creative with the content I share.”

When it comes to the challenge Salome says she has been body shamed every now and then but has been able to get past that by ignoring and interacting with the positive people who elevates her energy.

SOS Diplomat Mentorship Program

“When I saw the advert, I loved the theme of creating and bringing awareness to the community about creating a safe and more interactive online environment for everyone especially women so I said why not be part of the change and see what is in store, fortunately for me I was not disappointed.”

Salome wants to be an example to many people, especially her followers when it comes to dealing with negativity thrown at her or anyone else and making a difference by creating safe social media environment for everyone.

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