Journalist (Tv and Radio Personality)

Sophia Msuya


An aspiring Journalist, a kind hearted soul, who is humble and Intelligent. learning every day is her lifestyle, she values every person that crosses her path. She is a social media influencer, entrepreneur and university student, this is SOS Diplomat Ms. Sophia S Msuya. Sophia whose reach and impression per month is 980, tells us her superpower online is Digital Marketing.

Value added in the Digital Space

“The internet has been a place for me to learn, whether it is academically or based on different life skills and what I love is that I can share and interact with others what I have learnt and it can reach people immediately and at once.”

Benefits of being in Digital Space

Sophia says, “The Digital space has helped me in my personal development, I remember being afraid of sharing my contents on social media platforms because I though that people will react negatively but after getting the knowledge about digital rights, citizenship and literacy, I can say I am now confident and I can post the contents that I have in mind which I think will be helpful to my audience.”

She is happy that she gets to receive positive feedbacks from her followers on the educational contents she shares.

Digital Space Challenges and Measures

“I have been a victim of cyber bullying, some of the people following me have been commenting offensive words to my post and what I learnt from the intensive training I received about Digital Security is taking the initiative of not responding back to them rather report their comments on Instagram so that they remove them from my followers.

The SOS Mentorship Program

Sophia’s reason for applying for the program was to get an education on how she as a Digital Citizen can be safe online and use her digital skills to teach others about online safety.

She hopes to be confident whenever she gets to share content to the public, no matter how the audience will be responding to it. Second is to be an active ambassador online and stand in ending cyber bullying. Third is to teach her fellow youth and young brothers and sisters, elders on how to be safe online.

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