Online Entrepreneur & Social Media Influencer

Winny Nyagawa


Talk about a hard-working soul and you’ll find her. This is #SOSDiplomats Winny Nyagawa who is not only vocal about social issues but also uses every second of her time in the digital space to educate and inspire.

Winny is a social media influencer whose superpower online is promoting awareness, educating the community about social issues by sharing educative content and being active online to engage with her audience.

The Benefits and adding value in the Digital Space

Being in the Digital space it has helped Winny to learn, educate and network with people of different skills, brand herself as well as earning income through influencing.

Winny says, “I use the internet to add value by staying informed of what ‘s going on around the world, being an active engager, creating unique content that attract my followers while engaging with them.

Challenges and Measures encountered in the Digital Space

Winny says, “The challenge I face in social media is that many people ignore, when we inform them about the opportunities available on social media, especially women who still do not believe in such possibilities what needs to be done is to continue educating them while showing vivid examples of people who succeeded by using social media.”

Winny’s ability to grab digital opportunities every now and then helped her apply for a Women mentorship program which was a success and was able to learn more about cybersecurity, cybercrime laws and digital rights.

After completing the training Winny hopes to be a good Safe Online Space Diplomat and use the knowledge she received to educate others in her community who are in and out the digital space.

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