Why Women At Web

The Women at Web is a project born out of DW Akademie’s Women At Web East African regional project which consists of and is implemented in four(4) countries of Tanzania (Women At Web Tanzania), Uganda (Women At Web Uganda), Kenya (Women At Web Kenya) and Rwanda (Women At Web Rwanda).

Women at Web Tanzania has two implementing organisations among it being Tech & Media Convergency. The project has been up and running since 2018 when it started as a pilot study and eventually to a full project which is still up and running. Women at Web is not just a project, it is a movement that is monumental to improving the lives of women by empowering them with knowledge, access to information and opportunities, while observing their mental health while using the online spaces.

To understand why the project, it is important to know that Equal access to ICTs is not sufficient in itself to close the gender digital divide. Beyond having access to the Internet and related technologies, women need to have the knowledge and resources to translate access into effective use. Women however face a series of obstacles when it comes to free use of ICTs. Some of these obstacles are related to the education gap affecting women. Lower levels of literacy and numeracy align with lower levels of technological skills.

To enhance Women’s digital participation so as to bridge the Gender Digital-gap and be able access to online opportunities

Accessible secure and unlimited online participation for all women

About US

What We Do


We conduct Mentorship programs, Online and offline advocacy. Online advocacy participation for women and young girls is advocated across all social media platforms through hashtags #SOSDiplomats and #UstawiSalamaMtandaoni

Capacity building

Aims at equipping and increasing the overall digital literacy, citizenships and rights among women and youth. Women At Web Tanzania has been conducting digital trainings to a variety group of people over the years. To mention a few, Tanzania Police Force, Jeshi La Dada, SOS Diplomats, Women in Politics and Digital Journalists


We have collaborated with Authorities and Development Partners such as Facebook Africa, Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA) in Partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Tanzania, WILDAF and Women Tech Makers East Africa Hackathon.

Peer to Peer Emotional Group Support

We speak and nurture women and young girls about Mental and Psychological health


We do Cyber related research for the aim of acquiring precise stats about the Online Gender based violence in Tanzania and understanding society’s digital literacy on OGBV.

Project Team Members