Promoting Digital
Inclusion for Women,
Girls and the Youth

Enhancing impactful participation and safe spaces online

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Women at Web Tanzania, powered by Tech & Media Convergency thrives on its experience and expertise in the ICT eco-system. We play part to being the bigger part of the solutions by focusing on approaches, programs, applications and collaborations that drives towards enhancing secure, safe and accessible online spaces especially for the most vulnerable in the spaces.

We do Capacity Building, Mentorship Programs, Peer to Peer support groups, Stakeholders Engagements and Research to a variety of sectors such as those related to respective authorities (such as the Tanzania Police Gender Desk), Women Leaders in Politics, Journalists, Entrepreneurs, University Students and other identified groups.

All our approaches embraces the aspect that each one of us is an Ambassador at being a good digital citizen by the knowledge the learn in the process. There is always someone surrounding them that are in need of that digital knowledge they have acquired.

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Our Journal

Follow The Latest Activities
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Regional Online Advocacy
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Mentions across for #MitandaoSalama

“Our vision of Safe Spaces online is when all users are good digital citizens using the online space in a manner which effectively benefits them from its use while also engaging in a way that enhances digital inclusion for all”

Women At Web Tanzania Country Project Lead & CEO Tech & Media Convergency