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Getrude Mligo


SOS Diplomat Getrude Mligos Digital Story

An #SOSDiplomats, a daring soul that hungers for change in her society. She does not sit down and wait; she creates opportunities and groom young girls to become digital enthusiasts through Art. Her name is Getrude Mligo

Meet Getrude Mligo a Creative Digital Content creator, a generation equality champion, who was numbered among 100 Positive Youth in Africa. Getrude is the founder of Soma reading hub an app that capacitates children, and youth to become knowledge acquisition enthusiast through Art. When it comes to Getrude’s social media reach and impressions per month it is 296,668.

Getrude Mligo adds value and increases her online presence by, promoting ads, using the search engine optimization. She also uses media as part of her career growth by accepting interviews from different media houses that cover her story and what she is doing to her community.

She says, “I love learning from other digital gurus within my field, it helps increase my knowledge and awareness on issues that surround the digital space, I also get to network with national and international Organizations such as being part of the UN Women.”

Created massive opportunities and networking with different people.

Challenges encountered and Measures in the Digital Space

As a young woman who is very vocal about gender equality, youth sustainable development, Getrude has faced backlash on what she believes in and advocates for, such as peoples’ negative opinions.

She says, “I address this challenge by accepting and believing that the public space comprises of different people with different point of views, not all people will be pleased with what you do and advocate for, there is always going to be negative comments around.”

SOS Diplomats Mentorship Program

Getrude had the chance to attend a mentorship program of Women at Web Tanzania powered by Tech & Media Convergency; she says the reason behind her participation is, “To understand in depth about digital economy so that she can improve her company’s online visibility.