Social Media Influencer and an Interior Designer

Scholastica Genya


Strong in her Faith, fun to be around, with a great sense humor, she is smart and brave this is Scholastica Genya. Her super power online is making analysis and creating content.

Scholastica is an entrepreneur and social media influencer. She has been able to use the Digital Space to add value by being vocal about her faith and reminding believers that JESUS is the Real deal apart from that she has challenged fellow Women to be active in understanding their digital rights and use the internet as a place to embrace their potentials and grab opportunities they come across with.

Benefits and Challenges of being in the Digital Space

“With time I have developed an emotional intelligence, I can now reason without being offended and it’s something I really wanted to achieve from the first time I joined the Digital Space.”

As a social media influencer Scholastica says she faces lots of critics based on the companies or events that she promotes. People have different perception when it comes to how a message or content is delivered. Words like, ‘You campaign about that just because you get paid.’ can be offensive but Schola says, “I have learnt to live with critics based on the nature of my job.”

The SOS Diplomats Mentorship Program

Scholastica says has always wanted to add value when it comes to mastering her digital skills, applying for the mentorship program has been the best decision not only has she increased her knowledge but also have the opportunity of practicing what she has learned such as Digital Storytelling.

“It is my aim to share the knowledge I have received through my digital platforms whether it is a written content posted or a picture, I want to see women freely engaging online and be transformed completely for the better.”

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