Programs Officer at Global Peace Foundation Tanzania

Sylvia Mkomwa


Meet Sylvia Mkomwa a Leader, a creative mind, a generous soul whose purpose lies in serving her community to the fullest. She is one among the Safe Online Space (SOS) Diplomats that received intensive training from Women at Web Tanzania about digital platforms, citizenship and digital rights.

Her super power online is the ability to influence people with her lifestyle when it comes to leadership, fashion and issues related to development. Sylvia is also a programs and communication officer at Global Peace Foundation Tanzania, a foundation that promotes an innovative, value-based approach to peace building.

The Benefits and Value added in the Digital Space

Sylivia says being in the Digital space has branded her in all aspects of her life, “I have been able to get digital opportunities that have groomed me mentally and increased my knowledge.”

Through the digital space Sylvia has been able to be a social media influencer, practice advocacy, doing business, show case her work, connect and network with potential people.

Challenges and Measures encountered in the Digital Space

“As a woman in the digital space I have faced cyber bullying, dealt with social media addiction, faced manipulation stunts and critics but I choose to be positive and embrace the fact that critics will always be there and what I can do to my community is to keep advocating on using safely the digital platforms and being digitally liberate.”

Why the Mentor-ship program

Seeing the need as a digital citizen to grow digitally, to get and know more about the digital skills pushed Syliva to grab an opportunity to be part of the Women’s mentorship program.

“I look forward to make an impact in the digital space that will reflect the reality of youths positively.”

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