On the 19th of November, the Women at Web Tanzania an initiative that advocates against online gender-based violence and enhances women participation online held an SOS Ambassador’s recognition ceremony, to congratulate a group of 32 young and vibrant women who have effectively attended and completed an intensive three months mentorship program. 17 girls out of the 32 being Safe Online Space Diplomats and 15 of them being Digital Journalists.

The mentorship program, has been on a series of focus group discussions and digital skills trainings that focused on Data Storytelling, Fact Checking, Digital Platforms, Digital Citizenship, Digital rights, Digital You, Digital Storytelling, Safe Online Space, Digital Opportunities, Laws governing the Digital Space, Digital Security with a coordinated online campaign through content creation and discussions. These program target beyond capacity building, they conduct as step-by-step process which nurtures the young women into digital skills growth. From the Digital Journalists program there has been a production of 12 digital skills projects ranging from YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, content curation. audio editing, graphic designing, digital marketing, digital magazine, videography, websites, photographing and social media platforms

What first began as a digital skills training to these young women flourished into a lasting impact to their career as well as their personal lives. We can proudly say that through the training a sisterhood was formed, a movement was born out of it.  “While Safe Online Space Diplomats brought a massive impact and reach through their online campaign with hash tags #SOSDiplomats and #UstawiSalamaMtandaoni, Digital Journalists have actively worked in embracing digital media and made progress career wise, these women are both worth celebrating.” Says Asha D. Abinallah, Project lead of the Women at Web Tanzania powered by Tech & Media Convergency.

Award Winning Candidates from the left, Newstar Tineishemo, Imani Luvanga, Clara Fundi, Winny Nyagawa and Felister Kiria at SOS Ambassador’s recognition ceremony

The girls had time to converse, getting to know one another and share their success stories as a result of the digital skills mentorship program they attended. Digital Journalist Suzana Otaigo has been working on running and improving her blog as a writer ever since she received the training, her blog speaks of life shared stories and experiences by touching upon different aspects of live groups, it is a place where a reader can be informed, aware and learn. See more https://suzanaotaigotz.blogspot.com

Digital Journalists Shams Shams says she is a living testimony of the impact the digital skills training had on her career, “After the training, I began taking interest in growing my digital skills into advocating for and raising awareness through digital platforms on the subject theme of reproductive health especially to girls and women; being part of the program opened the opportunity for me and I was  fortunate enough I was able to facilitate sessions related to that area in different regions, I am currently growing my literary skills by writing poems hope to make use of the digital platforms to showcase my work.”

The event was graced by the presence of Ms. Ashura Babi, the co-founder of Gig Space Tanzania. Ms Babi is an expert of accessing online opportunities, through her digital platforms that connects businesses to freelancers. She was also one among the trainers that conducted a session on digital opportunities to Digital Journalists.

The event issued certificates of appreciation to SOS Diplomats and Digital Journalists to show that the Women at Web Tanzania project funded by DW Akademie values the efforts put in advocating against online gender-based violence and being ambassadors of safe spaces by creating content that aimed at educating the masses on digital literacy and digital rights. Women at Web Tanzania went further to award individuals who showed exemplary results. To digital journalists Imani Luvanga was awarded as the best content creator and Newstar Tineishemo was awarded as best active content engager. On the side of SOS Diplomats best professional content creator was awarded to Felister Kiria, best active content engager was awarded to Winny Nyagawa and best Coordinator was awarded to Honesta Kasilo.

                                              Safe Online Ambassadors pose for a photo together after receiving their certificates

The Project lead of the Women at Web Tanzania and the CEO of Tech & Media Convergency,  Ms. Asha D. Abinallah expressed that initiative is something she holds close to her heart because she sees potential in the group of young females for them to be part of national development. She insisted on creating networks, collaboration in solutions and work and celebrating each other’s achievements as young women. To making the suggestions a reality he assigned both groups to make sure that they create a bond through networks they could formalize and realign on how they could formally benefit from one another in their career growth. she touched upon the governance digital Journalists in the long run, “Journalists establishing a forum with its organizing committee that would focus on areas such as embracing digital media, increase participation of female journalists online and challenges that they face on their day to day activities be it gender based violence offline or online

“For SOS Diplomats it is our hope that its governance, will exists as a movement of young women speaking, taking action of pressing issues in the society that are rarely catered for while empowering women in all sectors in and out the space.” Said Ms. Abinallah.

Women at Web Tanzania hopes to continue equipping and promoting digital inclusion for girls, women and youth of different sectors living in rural and urban areas so as to bridge the Gender Digital-gap and be able access to online opportunities, it is our hope to see secure accessibility and unlimited online participation for all women.



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